Long Distance Love

A podcast about football fans, and their personal journeys with their long distance love for clubs at the other end of the world.


Our Episodes

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Episode 25: I wanted to promote Zenit and the Russian league on the island. – David, England – FC Zenit, Russia.

David is from England and a fan of FC Zenit, Russia. David’s interest in Russian football started with a play by mail league, where he played as Torpedo Moscow. An early adopter of Twitter, how Zenith interacted with their fans on Twitter, and his early memory is of Hulk...

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Episode 24: My grandfather was an admirer of Pele – Pedro, Detroit, USA – Santos FC, Brazil

Pedro is from Detroit, USA and a fan of Santos FC, Brazil. In 2006, Pedro had broken his foot. While stuck indoors he discovered the club through a sports encyclopedia his grandfather owned and also watched the World Cup that year, being half Italian, it all seemed to come...

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Episode 23: “We wouldn’t have the relationships and friends we have if it wasn’t for the club” Samantha and Shawn, Canada – FC St. Pauli, Germany.

Samantha and Shawn are from Canada and are fans of FC St. Pauli. Shawn had seen a page in a sports catalog about a team he had never heard of. He was a Liverpool supporter at the time but the skull and crossbones motif made a distinct impression. Years...

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Episode 22: Believe me, you can achieve it. Just like Leeds. Alex, Indonesia – Leeds United FC, England.

Alex Zulfikar is from Malang City, Indonesia and is a fan of Leeds United Football Club, England. He’s been a Leeds fan since the early 2000s when they reached the then UEFA CUP. He’s seen them go down and come back up after 16 years. He fell in love...

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Episode 21: The Queen of East Belfast – Morgan Day, Oklahoma, USA – Glentoran FC, Northern Ireland.

Morgan Day is from Oklahoma, USA and is a fan of Glentoran FC in Northern Ireland. Morgan told me she doesn’t really follow sports, but that that only makes this story even more unique. Morgan’s journey began on April 23rd 2020 when a Glentoran fan inadvertently tagged Morgan wishing...

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Episode 20: I identify with them so much, it’s a connection much more than football. – Alberto Doblaré, Zaragoza, Spain – FC Union Berlin, Germany

Alberto Doblaré is from Zaragoza, Spain and is a fan of FC Union Berlin, Germany Alberto has lived in Berlin for a few years. One day a colleague told him they should check out a game of this club in the second division. The experience was something he had...

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