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Episode 25: I wanted to promote Zenit and the Russian league on the island. – David, England – FC Zenit, Russia.

David is from England and a fan of FC Zenit, Russia. David’s interest in Russian football started with a play by mail league, where he played as Torpedo Moscow. An...

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Episode 24: My grandfather was an admirer of Pele – Pedro, Detroit, USA – Santos FC, Brazil

Pedro is from Detroit, USA and a fan of Santos FC, Brazil. In 2006, Pedro had broken his foot. While stuck indoors he discovered the club through a sports encyclopedia...

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Episode 23: “We wouldn’t have the relationships and friends we have if it wasn’t for the club” Samantha and Shawn, Canada – FC St. Pauli, Germany.

Samantha and Shawn are from Canada and are fans of FC St. Pauli. Shawn had seen a page in a sports catalog about a team he had never heard of....

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Episode 22: Believe me, you can achieve it. Just like Leeds. Alex, Indonesia – Leeds United FC, England.

Alex Zulfikar is from Malang City, Indonesia and is a fan of Leeds United Football Club, England. He’s been a Leeds fan since the early 2000s when they reached the...

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Episode 21: The Queen of East Belfast – Morgan Day, Oklahoma, USA – Glentoran FC, Northern Ireland.

Morgan Day is from Oklahoma, USA and is a fan of Glentoran FC in Northern Ireland. Morgan told me she doesn’t really follow sports, but that that only makes this...

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Episode 20: I identify with them so much, it’s a connection much more than football. – Alberto Doblaré, Zaragoza, Spain – FC Union Berlin, Germany

Alberto Doblaré is from Zaragoza, Spain and is a fan of FC Union Berlin, Germany Alberto has lived in Berlin for a few years. One day a colleague told him...

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Episode 19: You get a sense of community, that the world is not as big as you think- Richard Kharman, USA – Schalke, Germany

Richard Kharman is from Maryland, USA and a fan of Schalke, Germany. Richard happened to watch a game on TV in 2003, and was just impressed by the Schalke fans...

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Episode 18: 32 sides, 32 stories from the 2018 World Cup in Russia with Jack Wills of Heart Of Football

In this bonus episode, I am joined by Jack Wills to talk about his wonderful series, 32 Sides To Every Story. Jack interviewed fans from each of the countries that...

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