Hit Submit

I have just applied to the PRX Google program, thanks completely to Alex of Time For Your Hobby. (Do check out his show!)
Just the process of applying has been been an eye-opener.

Here’s a part of my submission:

Football has home fans and away fans, but with tv and social media, clubs now have fans that are supporting them from across the globe. Fans that I’m calling Far Away Fans.

I speak to a Far Away Fan in each episode about what led them to support a club at the other end of the world. The highs and lows of being a fan, their experiences, treasured mementoes. More importantly, what this journey has meant to them.

It has been fascinating to hear each of their stories. Why does a guy from Norway end up supporting a club in Argentina? how does a woman in Mexico start supporting a club in London(and get a chance to spend a day at their training ground). Why does a guy from Malaysia start following a club from Yorkshire in the second tier of English football?

The journalist Tim Vicery, says it best – ‘It’s the worst thing you can do to yourself, being a fan. Why would you do that to yourself?’

But it’s something we do, a bond that you build and one that you build for life.

I drifted away from the game and the club I support for close to a decade, and rediscovered my passion through conversations with fellow fans.

When I first had the idea and began to work on it, I thought I’d be doing 6 episodes in the first year, but I’ve just put out the 11th episode and hope to keep at it. (now that I’ve just about gotten used to the sound of my own voice).

I hope you will continue to listen and maybe leave us a review.

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