Episode 17: I was looking for a historical club – Germán Aguirre, Argentina – Portsmouth FC, England

Germán Aguirre is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and a fan of Portsmouth FC, England.

Germán is 17 years old. He was searching for a club of some historical significance and a somewhat forgotten club while playing career mode in FIFA. He got interested in the club and went on to discover more about their history.

He talked to me about their rivals, Southampton and his twitter rivalry with Southampton Argentina, who has also been a guest on this podcast.

I also asked him about his local club Velez, and their historical win against Milan in the Intercontinental Cup of 1994. He’s also a fan of AC Milan, Italy. We went on to talk at length about the challenges as a Far Away Fan. 

I asked him about his interactions with fans from Portsmouth and how they reacted to him being a fan from Argentina. He also explained to me what ‘Mush’ means in Pompey slang ?!?

Finally, I ask him what being a Portsmouth fan has brought to his life. He hopes to see Pompey back in the Premier League and be able to visit Portsmouth in the near future. 

It was such a joy to speak to a young fan discovering his love for a club. 

Find Germán on twitter @ArgentinaPompey

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