Episode 24: My grandfather was an admirer of Pele – Pedro, Detroit, USA – Santos FC, Brazil


Pedro is from Detroit, USA and a fan of Santos FC, Brazil.

In 2006, Pedro had broken his foot. While stuck indoors he discovered the club through a sports encyclopedia his grandfather owned and also watched the World Cup that year, being half Italian, it all seemed to come together to send him down his footballing journey.

He started his Twitter handle @SantosFC_Ingles, inspired by the Canary and Blue podcast.

We discuss Santos’ rivals, and how each of them can be different for each supporter.
Pele is Pedro’s pick for club legend. We talk about Pele’s global reach and the cultural phenomenon of Pele.

We go on to discuss the popularity of the Brazilian league and the wealth of young talent.
And how they have interesting homecomings later on in their careers having moved quite early on in their youth to play in Europe or Asia.

Pedro talks me through his cherished collection of kits, one of which is his framed Neymar Barcelona kit.

Pedro has studied at Wuhan University. He talked to me about his experience there and his interest in the football culture in that part of the world, one in particular being the Hong Kong Premier League.

He’s been taking pictures in the various cities he has visited with the Santos FC kit and has an interesting story attached to it.

We talked about our shared love for podcasts and how he hopes to have one on Santos soon.

Do listen to Pedro’s wonderful response when I ask him what following the club has brought to his life.

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