Episode 3: Pranav, AC Milan

In this episode we speak with Pranav, an AC Milan fan and friend of the pod. 

We chat about his love for the club, but more about his passion for Italian football, Roberto Baggio and that missed penalty from the ’94 World Cup and why it was such a big influence on him. 

He spoke about his club legend Paolo Maldini and the Italian art form of defensive football and why he thinks Stephan el Shaarawy was let down by the Management. 

Pranav shared an interesting story from his trip to the World Cup in Russia, Mithun Chakraborthy and why Russians have good will towards India.

He also had a funny story about his Agent in Italy, the acoustics at San Siro, taking his son to Stadio Olimpico and why the most beautiful stadium he’s been to is the Paljor Stadium in Gangtok.

We talked about Football kits, Football books, the Berlusconi era, former and current AC Milan Rivals and keeping our fingers crossed for Milan. 

Given the pandemic outbreak of Covid -19 across the World and Italy being one of the worst affected, the timing of this episode is almost symbolic. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as we dedicate this episode to Italy and their fighting spirit. 

Check out Pranav’s collection of posters on our Instagram page.

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