Episode 9: Andrey Kazu, Jakarta, Indonesia – ACF Fiorentina

Andrey Kazu is from Jakarta, Indonesia and supports Fiorentina in Italy. 

He’s been following the club since 1996. He spoke to me about his journey as a Fiorentina fan. 

We discussed the influence and loyalty of Gabriel Batistuta. The rivalry with Juventus and how he picked a name for his son.

In 2016, Andrey visited Florence. The stadium was closed but the kindness of the staff gave him an experience of a lifetime.

He’s a member of Viola Club Indonesia. That has hundreds of fans as members and is now an official Supporters Club. We discussed the fantastic job they have done as well as the passion for football in Indonesia.

I asked him what this journey has taught him. He told me it was patience. 

Something I realized he has a lot of, when he told me the story of how he waited for 5 hours outside the training ground just to be able to see the players.  He also gave me some advice on why I shouldn’t get a tattoo 🙂

Thank you to Viola Club Indonesia for their help and support. 

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